HI and questions

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HI and questions

Postby catdancer » Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:53 pm

Just joined the board and was interested to see all the people that still have fun with these toys. As a kid I had a bunch of different sets and played with them often.
My question is: I have several sets with metal plates intact but non working machines...I do have one machine that does work the last time I tried it out..there is no goop and a lot of the accessories were used up. {like I said I really liked playing with these}

What would be the best way to sell these? should I throw away the broken machines and just lump all the metal trays into one Lot and sell it or would there be interest in the boxes to the various sets too? I really need to unload these, my mom is in her 80's and wants to clear them out...so I won't have to do this after she is gone.

Here is the list of sets I have:

Triple Thing Maker
Zoofie Goofies
Fright Factory
Super cartoon Maker

any info on these such as how much they should go for, or should just lump them into a lot...or what...any info would be appreciated...please understand this is not a for sale post as I don't want my first post to be that but am just looking for info on their worth or interest in the hobby world.


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Re: HI and questions

Postby dr_goop » Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:21 pm

First, DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. One persons trash is another persons treasure. how to sell them depends on the condition of the box and the completeness of the sets. You might want to sell them separately if they are nearly complete. Even the ovens that don't work have value. Some people just want to display them, some will have them repaired. That goes for the Goop bottles too. Even though it is dried up some people just want to touch the original bottle or see that label they remember from when they were kids. When you take pictures of the sets have everything laid out next to each other so that people can see everything that is included in the set. I see people who stack the molds and take a picture and wonder why their auction didn't go that high. It was because people couldn't see what they were getting.

As far as value that depends a lot on condition and completeness. Don't worry that the goop is gone or dried . Without any pictures to go by here are some wide range guesses:
Triple Thing Maker $40-$150
Zoofie Goofies $25-$100
Fright Factory $40-$150
Super Cartoon Maker $75-$200

If the sets are not complete, if the boxes are totally toasted then you might sell the molds individually ( a lot of work but more money) or as a single lot ( less work less money).

Please feel free to take pictures of your stuff and post it. We can appraise it for you better and better advise you that way.

Also keep in mind that eBay and all online sites usually get 12-13% of the money but it is free to post and sell your stuff on this forum.

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Re: HI and questions

Postby catdancer » Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:18 am

Hi thanks for the info, will get pics to post

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