Restored Thingmaker Sets For Christmas!

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Restored Thingmaker Sets For Christmas!

Postby phxfirefighter » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:29 pm

Hello! I have the sets you have always wanted for Chritsmas for sale. My site is I have almost every set that was made available. All the Thingmaker Sets for Sale on my page have been fully restored to their Original Condition. All sets are Vintage Mattel Thingmaker Sets that have been repaired and reconditioned to be given as Wonderfull Gifts to be played with or Collected and displayed. A Few Of The Sets Are All Original Collectors Sets For Display Or Investment Only! They are Marked as Such. My Name is John Nettles. I am a 53 year old Firefighter in Phoenix Arizona. I work full time and do my Thingmaker stuff as a hobby! I have 7 Grandchildren who LOVE to make Creepy Crawlers. Thats one of the reasons I do this !
I just had a guy named Simon who left a comment in my guest book that I want to share:
"Hi, I ordered three heating element sets off you a few months back. I meant to write and say that I got all three ovens working and they were a huge hit! When the Thingmakers are out and running our house is kind of the center of the universe for the neighborhood kids, it's a lot like being in the nineteen sixties again. My seven year old daughter came crying to me the other day, having burned a fingertip on a mold. Her older brother said, "Then don't touch them when they're hot." That was apparently good enough, I gave her a hug and they got back to work. Really these were the best toys ever made. So ... thanks very much. I don't think we live in the best of times, but so long as there are people doing things for the love of it and keeping the worthwhile things going, life is still pretty good. Simon"

Nuff Said........

I put several hours in each restoration and I am very proud of my work. If you don't want to spend the money for what I call "collector quality" (display only and investment that appreciates in value) then consider one of my restored sets, they really do come out nice and they can be displayed or used without damaging the value.
Here are answers to a few common questions about the Mattle Thingmaker Sets for sale on this page.

1) The Oven works Great, I warranty all Thingmaker ovens for 2 Years.

2) Paint and Goop are usable. The Goop is Reproduced by me and you can order more Goop from me if you run out.

(I do sell Original Collectable bottles of Plastigoop on my website, they run $21 - $40 a bottle)

3) The Set is Complete as you would have bought it New off the shelf in 1964-1968. It includes all the paperwork and booklets.

4) The Set comes Shrink Wrapped, just as if you would have bought it New off the Shelf in 1964-1968

5) I am pretty good at this and I do consider myself an expert in this area . I have to do different types of repair on most of the 45 year old sets that I restore. All of the sets that are restored were played with and have verying levels of wear. Sets I sell that are all original and/ or in unused condition will state that and they will be sold at a much higher premium then my restored sets. The restored boxes hold the sets very nicley and are very sturdy and will last another 45 years if taken care of. The styro bottoms need repair most of the time, I patch holes and do additional repairs as needed.

6) Im an expert Packer and Shipper As Well. Your Thingmaker will arrive safe and sound, I always use delivery confirmation so you can track your package. I will send follow up emails to let you know when your package shipped and when it should arrive.

7) I do this for One Reason...... I enjoy it!

If You Have Any Other Questions please or want a set visit my site. Thank You! John

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