Saying Hello and had some questions

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Saying Hello and had some questions

Postby MicroX » Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:38 pm

I am new to the board but obviously not new to Creepy Crawlers. In my case I was born in 73, so I missed out on a lot of this until many years later. My first memory of a set would have been the 1977 (78?) Creepy Crawlers Thingmaker 2 where it had the heated up goop and used the plastic molds. Hmm actually I might have had the Wiggly Weirdies (Creepy Crawler knock off) oven/toy first. I loved making all sorts of "things". Just wish I still had whatever it was I created so many years ago.

I had (only briefly) the 1994 toymax version ( I still have the giant snake I made with that set, though now trying to find that 1994 mold online somehwere has been pretty hard) but that set was soon thrown out for some reason. Currently have the last oven from Jakks and this one is here to stay

Has the Goop really changed that much over the years? I have been picking up some of the 1960's molds but trying to get the finished crawler out of the mold (ex the 1964 Giant ant) without it ripping has been quite a challenge.

I also had questions about some of the older sets. I recently saw on Ebay a mold #10 from 1964. The auction ended but I snagged the pictures from it. Most of the time I just see the usual 8 or 9 molds from 64, but I have never come across this one before. Does anyone know what set or expansion pack it may have come with? Curious further because on that mold you have a lizard like dinosaur monster and something totally alien. I also saw that on the mold reference here on the site, pics of #10 are needed, so I can help with that

Also has anyone ever tried cooking some of these guys with a heat gun? Wondering if such a thing would even work?

Either way glad to be aboard

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