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the "NEW" Jakks Pacific metal molds

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:18 pm
I Just bought a set of the Jakks pacific molds, the 2 per pack metal ones, and I was wondering if anyone has compared them to the original Toymax molds. I've looks over the sets and notice a few interesting things. the mold 2-1 Spider has a different thorax. The Bug Eye Bridgade 68-1, and 69-1 have the eye cavities switched around. Reminds me of the old Mattel common molds and the super detailed ones, but those had added a letter after the number. Has there been a naming convention for the Jakks Pacific re-issues,
TM 69-1 vs. JP69-1 ??
Strangly the 18-1 Trantula mold still has the little mark above the fangs that looks like a #7, that is stamped on the flat face of the mold.

Any insight as to why JP stopped issuing them?